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Super Silicone & Resin Art welcome all valued customers to our website. We are looking forward to provide excellent products and services to satisfy all your need. Please take a moment to learn more about us.

I. Who We Are

We are a trader of industrial chemical products with over 30 years of direct experiences. We specialize in providing solutions for silicone rubber and resin needs.

II. What We Offer

We source products from around the globe. We offer both branded products from world-renowed companies as well as our own products with equivalent quality to serve all kind of customers' needs and budget. We focus in 3 key areas:

1. Casting: We provide various grade of silicone rubber for casting work (such as bronze casting) as well as offer resin to suit your casting needs.

2. Fiberglass: We provide resin of all grade to fit your fiberglass needs from normal FRP products to projects requiring high resistance to chemical substances. We also offer various form of fiberglass sourcing from multiple countries.

3. Pad printing: We also offer silicone rubber for specialized use in pad priting processes. Our products come in many grade to suit variuous needs and budget.

III. Buy From Us

Our product offerings can be grouped into 2 main product lines:

  1. Silicone Line: comprises of 3 product categories
    1. Liquid Silicone Rubber (RTV): comes with multiple Shore A hardness and other product properties (such as tear, elongation) to suit clients' unique need. All silicone rubber comes with its own catalyst or curing agent.
      1. Condensation Grade
      2. Premium Grade
      3. Food Grade
      4. Human Contact Grade (such as special effect)
      5. Transparent Grade (for clear visibility)
      6. Pad Printing
    2. Silicone in other forms:
      1. Silicone Putty (like a clay)
      2. Silicone Sheet
    3. Ancillary Products
      1. Silicone Oil
      2. Silicone Primer
      3. Release agents such as silicone spray
  2. Resin Line: comprises of 4 product categories
    1. UPR Resin: both casting and FRP grade
    2. PU Resin
    3. Epoxy Resin
    4. Ancillary Products used in production processes:
      1. Catalyst (Cobalt)
      2. Hardener or MEKPO
      3. Filler
      4. Solvent
      5. Pigment

IV. How We Deliver

We, Super Silicone & Resin Art, offer our clients with multiple delivery options (charges responsible by clients) that can be summarized below:

4.1 Self pickup from predetermined location (deposit required).

4.2 Express delivery through post (speed and charges vary depending upon weight, carrier, and type of service). Tracking number will be provided.

4.3 Same day delivery for Bangkok and nearby area via motorcycle or pickup truck.

V. Connect With Us

Please feel free to fill out the form below to leave us any questions you may have, we will get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call or email us.


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Super Silicone & Resin Art, where needs for silicone rubber and resin answered.

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